Huge Hammerhead shark and lots of other nice fish caught today fishing off Fort Lauderdale

Hammerhead shark caught shark fishing off Fort Lauderdale 

Great day of fishing off Fort Lauderdale today.  There’s been a lot of action around the reefs.  A couple big wahoos got caught yesterday.  The one in the morning was about a 25 pounder and the one in the afternoon was about a 30 pounder.  We also caught 5 blackfin tunas yesterday, but they were all little ones(less than 5 pounds each).  Other than that, we limited out in kingfish yesterday and got a few decent sized mahi mahi fish.  All in all it was a great day.  We had the Boat Show going on yesterday, so we didn’t get any photos of those catches, sorry guys.

Lots of kingfish biting on the drift fishing trips out of Ft. Lauderdale 

We did however get some nice photos of the great big ole’ Hammerhead shark as you can see.  This fish was a beast, estimated at over 300 pounds.  It was a really cool fish to see out there, especially since it isn’t even the best time of year to catch them around here.  February through about May is the best time to catch the big hammerhead sharks, but as you can see, you can catch them on any trip.  All you have to be is lucky and these guys were sure that.  There’s no better feeling than coming in with a fish bigger than you are.  Anyway it was a great day of fishing out there and this big fish proves it. 

good catch drift fishing off Fort Lauderdale 

The drift boats did good today as well.  They caught a full boat load of snappers.  Capt. Paul rant he trip today and caught about 20 yellowtail snappers as well as some other fishes.  A couple king mackerals and cero mackerals were caught that were only a couple pounds a piece.  There was also a nice dolphin fish caught that probably weighed about 6-8 pounds.  All in all, it was a great day of fishing for both the drift fishing boats and the sport fishing boats.  This week looks good, the hurricane is swinging wide away from South Florida, so don’t let that scare you.  The fishing is great so lets get out there and catch some big game fish.   

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