Fort Lauderdale Drift Fishing Trip on the Catch My Drift

Good catch with Captain Paul on the drift fishing boat

I forgot to write an update ysterday, so I’m updating early this morning.  This was our catch the day before yesterday on the morning trip.  Capt. Paul ran the boat and caught the bonitos pretty good.  He got into a school of them and they bit like mad dogs, we caught about a dozen of them, but only brought in about 5 or 6 of them.  After that, Captain Paul decided to go try some bottom fishing on one of the shipwrecks that he likes to fish.  We were dropping chicken rigs, baited with squid and we were coming up with tons of vermillion snappers and some of them were really big.  One kid hooked into something huge on the bottom.  We all thought he got hooked on the shipwreck, but then the fish started shaking his head and taking line.  For over 45 minutes this kid battled this huge amberjack.  We finally caught him!  The amberjack weighed more than the kid who caught him.  What a fish and what a great fishing trip.  I’m sure that kid has a great “fish story” to tell.

Giant amberjack caught fishing on the Fort Lauderdale drift fishing boat.

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