Lots of fish caught fishing today on our Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing Charter

Monster amberjack caught wreck fishing in Fort Lauderdale 

Sportfishing was good today.  Today we went snapper fishing with deep drop equipment.  We started off at this spot we hadn’t hit in a long while, right out in front of our inlet.  We made our first drop and got a couple small fish on, probably some small snappers.  When we started winding it up, we got a couple pretty hard tugs on the line.  So we’re thinking, ok cool, maybe a nice grouper or something.  Then the fish takes off and makes a huge run.  The mystery fish smokes line off the reel and almost spools us.  There was nothing we could do.  If we tightened the drag, we’d break the line and loose the fish, so we just let him go.  Anyway, he finally stopped when we were right down to the knot almost.  Started gaining line back and got him off the bottom.  After a long and brutal fight, we caught the fish and got him in the boat.  It was a gigantic amberjack, one of the biggest I’ve caught out here in South Florida.  I wanted to take the fish back in for everyone to see at the docks, but it was such a cool fish, we decided to release him.  What a beauty though, he really was a monster gamefish.

Bottom fishing in Fort Lauderdale

So after that, we made some more drops on some different shipwrecks we know in the area.  On most of the spots we only got a few bites, so we moved on.  We got to this one spot, and I think I’m the only person that knows this spot in Fort Lauderdale.  As soon as we hit the bottom, we started catching them.  Vermillion after vermillion came in.  And these weren’t little vermillions.  We were catching big ones, some of them were 2-4 pounds.  That doesn’t sound very big, but vermillion snapper don’t get much bigger.  Anyway, we caught a whole pile of them.  One drop, we thought we lost our lead, but it ended up being that a cobia that grabbed our bait and was swimming up with our rig.  When we saw him, everyone thought it was a shark.  They look very similar until they get close.  Anyway, we got him too.  Not a monster cobia, but legal size and thats all that matters.  We came in with a great catch.

Nice mutton on the night anchor fishing trip

Drift fishing boats have been catching a lot of yellowtails a some muttons.  The bonito bite has slowed down and the kings disappeared for us today, but theres still good action on the bottom.  Our night trip has been the best lately for us, lots of yellowtail snapper and some big muttons too.  Daytime fishing has been decent, but the night trip, where we anchor and chum has been where the action is.  Anyway, good luck out there guys.  Hope to see you out sport fishing with us soon. 

Another nice mutton snapper caught bottom fishing out of Fort Lauderdale

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