Shark fishing in Fort Lauderdale and other fish on our Sportfishing trips

 Captain Adam overseeing the catching of a big shark off Fort Lauderdale

Wow, what a week.  We had some really good trips this week on the sportfishing boats.  We took out a couple of convention charters and some large groups out fishing.  We heard of some big fish out on the current edge of the gulfstream, so we went out there and put out the big rods in hope of catching a sea monster.  We put out some kites with some live baits and a couple dead bloody baits on the bottom looking for a big shark.  The sharks were biting and we got some good bites on them.  Hammerhead sharks were the flavor of the week.  We caught 2 big hammerheads in as many days.  This is a picture of us fighting a big game hammerhead shark.

Fighting a big shark fishing off Fort Lauderdale Florida

Big game shark in the boat fishing off Fort Lauderdale

When the fish came up, the customer wanted to get a mount of it made, so we brought it aboard for photos and a measurement.  When the fish got close enough, John reached down into the water and grabbed the hammerhead by it’s head.  A strong heave-ho and the fish was in the boat.  Now, he was a bit frisky for a minute, but he calmed down.  We got some good photos of the fish and then released him.  These are pictures of the whole sequence as it went down.  The fish swam away strong.  It’s nice to see big game fish like that this time of year. 

Hammerhead shark being released off Fort Lauderdale

Big Hammerhead swimming away after being caught

Along with the shark, we also did some drops on the deep wrecks.  We got a bunch of snappers for dinner.  Here’s a picture of us catching 5 at a time.  These are vermillion snappers and they are probably one of the tastiest fish in the sea.  These guys had a great trip and I think we’ll be spending some time shark fishing this week.  There are some big fish around.  Sea ya all out there.

Vermillion snapper fishing with multi hook rigs off Ft Lauderdale

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