Fishing Fort Lauderdale for whatever bites

Fort Lauderdale drift fishing trip 

Fishing was a little slow yesterday morning.  We only caught one king and a few yellowtail snappers in the morning.  I didn’t even get a picture of the catch, but there wasn’t much.  It was tough fishing in the morning. But the afternoon was a lot better.  The afternoon trip we caught all kinds of stuff.  Garcia, a regular fisherman who drives all the way from Naples everyday to fish with us each week, caught a Flying Grenard, which is one of the coolest looking fish in the ocean.  Its really cool, and it has actual wings as fins.  He also caught a spanish Hogsnapper, which is a great eating fish and very colorful, and a kingfish.

 Garcia and Kevin with some reef critters they caught 

We caught a ton of yellowtail on the trip, at least 15 or so.  And a nice pile of kingfish.  One of the kings was a 20 pounder, so there are some nice kings showing up.  Most of the kings in the 6-8 pound range.  Bonitos are still biting and we’re catching them pretty regular still.  This is a picture of our sportfishing trip the other day.  Lots of kings and a few bonitos and a nice cuda.  We’ve been seeing some sailfish freejumping out there, so they might be showing up early.  We’ll see if we catch some this week on one of our deep sea fishing charters.  AND THE CATCH MY DRIFT IS OUT OF THE BOATYARD FINALLY!!!  Horray, no more boat yard work.  It’s just no fun working in the boatyard.  But everything is fixed and we’re good to go until December when we plan to go again.  Bye everyone, until tommorrow…  

Fort Lauderdale fishing charter

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