Snappers, dolphin and kings biting on the afternoon fishing trip yesterday

 some nice fish caught drift fishing in Fort Lauderdale

We got some good action on the afternoon yesterday.  In the morning we caught some bonitos and kingfish.  We’ve got so many bonito strips cut this year that we are releasing most of the bonitos we catch.  We still bring in a few for fresh cut bait and to freeze whole for marlin and sharks bait.  The kingfish are biting pretty good, just put your bait down about mid depth deep and wait for the bite.  We’ve been fishing in 100-180′ of water, just offshore of the Fort Lauderdale reef.  So put your bait down about 50-90′ depending on how deep the boat is at the time and you’ll get some action.  Best baits lately have been ballyhoo and sardines.  The sea has been very calm these past few days and little to no rain. 

 yellow tail action like we get on our night fishing trips

The afternoon trips have been getting better these past few days.  Last week we couldn’t get a bite on the afternoon trips, but the bite has been picking up the last 3 days.  The afternoon trip 2 days ago we caught another nice dolphin, about a 14 pounder.  The snappers have been biting good in the afternoons too.   Put your bait all the way down and do some bottom fishing and you’ll get some nice yellowtails.  Our drift fishing boat has been coming in with an average of a dozen yellowtail a trip.

 Fort Lauderdale drift fishing yeilded this nice dolphin

Night fishing has been great out of Fort Lauderdale.  Our night fishing trips have been anchoring on a little wreck we know in 60′ of water.  I don’t think anyone else knows about this spot because I never see any other boats fishing there.  Anyway, we’ve been catching quite a few mangrove snappers on it along with a bunch of yellowtails.  Muttons are being caught there too, but most of them are too small to keep.  I put a camera on the boat, so hopefully the night crew will think to take some fish pictures for me.  We’ll see.  Anyway, fishing is pretty decent this week, so come on out.  Sea ya all later…

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