Boat Yard Work last week on the Catch My Drift

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Catch My Drift in the boat yard getting painted

Catch My Drift at the boatyard getting her paintjob.

We’re back in the water and taking trips again, but this was us in the boatyard this week.  It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.  We fixed a cutlass bearing that had given us a vibration in the starboard side of the boat.  We also straightened our shaft and took a few dings out of propeller.  It needed to be fixed and I’m glad we did it.  The transom is newly painted and looking beautiful.  We put new lettering on the back of the boat, compliments to our friends at Signs By Tommorrow.  If you need lettering done or a sign made, these guys are highly reccomended from us.  They do great work and great prices on their work- And it’s fast!  We also changed over our transducer which is the thing on the bottom of the boat that sends the signal to the bottom for our color fish finders.  Brand new and working better than ever, it gives us a crystal clear image of the ocean bottom, the fish below the boat and tells us the temperature of the water we’re fishing in.  Well, our was working sub-par before but now its working great and its all fixed.  Hopefully it will help us find the fish even more successfully now adays.  Anyway guys, good luck fishing with us out there, the boat is 100% and ready to catch some fish!

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