Bottom Fishing In Fort Lauderdale and Pompano

By September 29, 2007December 15th, 2018Sportfishing Charter Report
Pile of snappers and groupers laid out on the deck of the boat

Nice catch of bottom fish on a fun fishing trip out of south Florida

We went out and did a little bottom fishing yesterday.  Capt. Paul was trying to hit some the wrecks he hasn’t tried in a long time, so we fished all the way up to Pompano.  We were cherry picking some spots where we thought a few snpwy groupers would be biting, but the snowy grouper bite was actually pretty slow.  We were getting lots of bites, so we put a rig down that had smaller hooks.  Vermillion snappers were biting good.  We caught about 20 so vermillion snappers.  We did catch one real nice snowy, about a 15 pounder at this one wreck we made a drop on.  We also caught a small mahi mahi that swam up to us when we were making a drop.  Besides that we caught a couple kingfish as well, trolling our way back home.  We only kept one of them, since most of them were little fish.  Anyway, there is some decent action on the shipwrecks out there.  Catcha later…

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