Awesome Drift Fishing Trips this week off Ft. Lauderdale

By September 28, 2007December 15th, 2018Drift Fishing Reports
Holding a nice mutton snapper

Nice mutton snapper caught on our south Florida fishing charter

It was a great couple of days on the drift fishing boats.  We didn’t have many customers due to the lousy weather all week.  It was rainy and stormy all week so we only had 4-10 people on every trip.  Regardless of only having a few people, we still had some really good catches.  The mutton snappers have been biting all week, and actually, they’ve been biting all month.  The whole month of September has been good fishing and catching for mutton snappers.  The day trips have been catching them pretty good, and the night trip even better.  If I can get the night fishing crew to ever take some pictures for me, I can show you how good the night fishing has been.  They’ve been catching lots of yellowtails, and big ones at that.  2-4 pound yellowtails have been coming in like mad-dogs and big muttons have been biting good too.  The day time fishermen have been catching some big muttons, kings, mahi mahi and tuna.

Nice grouper hanging on the rack

Large grouper caught on our deep sea fishing trip

A lot of nice kings have been coming in.  Kingfish love the falling barometer, and with the rainstorms we had all week, the kingfish have been biting good.  Quite a few kings have been brought in this week, as well as a variety of other critters.  Some of the kings have been up to 15-18 pounds with most of them in the 6-8 pound range.  Its been a good week on kingfish.

Group holding up their catch at the dock... lots of mahi mahi

Nice dolphin catch on our deep sea fishing charter out of Fort Lauderdale

On yesterday’s trip, despite the terrible weather, we caught a ton of fish.  On our drift fishing trip, we got jumped by a huge school of dolphin.   The wahoo was actually the first fish to bite.  When he hit, Capt. Paul looked around and saw a nice 2*4 floating in the water about a 100 yards off the bow of the boat.  He bumped the boat over close to it with a few bumps of the engines and BAMMO!!!  Everyone on the boat was hooked up with dolphins ( mahi mahi).  We caught some big ones, some of them being in the 20-25 pound range.  It was a great trip and everyone aboard went home with a ton of fish filets.  On that trip we also caught a nice bunch of kingfish, lots of mahi mahi, a small wahoo, and some bonitos, muttons and yellowtails.  It was a great trip for us.  Capt. Paul showed us how fishing with someone with his level of experience can improve your catch.  Few fishing Captains in the whole world have his level of experience.  Just goes to show you that fishing with an experienced captain can be a lot better than fishing with a teenager right out of captain school.   A lot of guys advertise 50 years of Ft. Lauderdale experience but Capt. Paul and only a few others actually have that much time on the deep sea.

Group posing with their drift fishing catch

Nice catch of kingfish and more on our drift fishing trip out of Fort Lauderdale

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