Swordfishing Trip on Saturday Night


We are setting out on Saturday night to fish the swordfish tournament off Ft. Lauderdale.  It should be a great night and as you know, with the success of our Friday Night Swordfishing trips that we run every week, we’ve been having some good luck.  Capt. Adam is going to be running the trip and we’ve got a bunch of the guys that always fish the Friday night trip with us going out there to try their luck.  I think there is a couple spots open still for the trip if anyone wanted to get on with us.  I don’t know all the particulars of the trip, but if you are interested call Adam about it.  (954)295-3692  He’s handling the trip down to the nitty gritty, not me, so if you have any questions about the trip or if you want to get on it, call him up and ask.  He says he’s got a good shot in it and I for one would have to agree.  There aren’t many guys that swordfish half as much as he does, and the fish he’s been bringing in would have won a lot of the tournaments lately.  Anyway, wish us luck, we’ll be out Friday night on the open boat swordfish trip and then again on the Saturday night Sword fishing tournament.  Good luck to everybody fishing it, it should be a fun night.

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