Great Day of Deep Sea Drift Fishing off Ft. Lauderdale

Happy guys holding up a bunch of fish they caught on our drift boat fishing trip.

Happy customers on our drift boat fishing trip.

The action is still here.  We caught a lot of bonitos and kings these past couple days.  Here are a few pictures of the awesome drift boat catches we had yesterday.  Lots and lots of bonitos and some decent sized kings.  The deep sea fishing on the reef is where the action is this time of year, and a good catch is all but guaranteed.  We did have one afternoon this week when we couldn’t get a bite(we caught a few little snappers but nothing else).  I think it was because the navy was doing some submarine exercises off Fort Lauderdale beach that day and their sonar was messing with the fish bite.  The rest of the days these past few days were great.

Couple of cute kids fishing on our drift boat

These cute kids caught a few of these fish on our party boat trip today

Mutton snappers have been biting during the day trips a little bit as are some yellowtails.  Our night time anchor trip that we run every night has reported a lot of Mangrove snappers biting and some yellowtails.  A few muttons as well have been caught during out night time anchor fishing trip as well.

Group holding up their catch from our party boat fishing trip

Great party boat fishing trip today on the Catch My Drift.

Our Wednesday All day trip this week was a hoot.  We caught all of these fish, PLUS we caught 2 sailfish.  We actually had 4 sailfish on during this trip, but only managed to catch 2.  Well, I ain’t complaining.  2 sailfish in the same trip during August is just plain awesome.  Heck, it wouldn’t be a bad day for sailfishing off Ft. Lauderdale during the winter when the sailfishing action is red hot.

Customers holding up a big dolphin from our dolphin Trip

Big dolphin caught on our Wednesday All Day Dolphin Trip

Sportfishing boats have been doing good, but the drift boats have been getting more action.  The sportfishing boats have been catching some big barracudas though, which this drift boats haven’t been getting.  Some nice amberjacks are showing up around some of the wrecks too.

Couple on their honeymoon fishing trip holding a big barracuda they just caught

A big barracuda caught by these guys on their honeymoon fishing trip

We’re going out on the swordfishing tournament tonight so wish us luck.  I’ll try to give a report about how we did in the tournament if we catch anything.  See ya all tommorrow.

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