Fort Lauderdale Drift Fishing is GOING OFF!!! 68 bonitos in a half day trip!

Fun group charter on our head boat posing with their catch

We caught 68 bonitos on this trip, plus a bunch of other fish

Fort Lauderdale must have a fish magnet buries deep beneath the reef because the fish are coming from all over.  This week has been crazy fishing.  Drift fishing on the reef has been absolutely phenomenal.  I haven’t seen the fishing this good for over 10 years.  I would say that today we caught too many fish to count, but we took the time to count them anyway.  68 bonitos in a single trip.  Yes thats right, over 68 bonitos caught on our 4 hour drift fishing charter right here off Ft. Lauderdale beach.  We also caught 6 kingfish and a nice mutton snapper and thats not to mention how many fish we had on and missed or lost behind the boat.  I would like to say that we catch this many fish every day, but this day was an exceptional one.  This time of year the fishing on the reef is really good and we usually catch a nice box of fish, but today was above and beyond for us.

Friends taking a pic with their great catch of the day on our sportfishing trip

Sportfishing charter catch

Our sport fishing boats are catching some good ones too.  Capt. Eric caught plenty of big bonitos and kings as well as a huge trophy sized barracuda.  A couple of the fish we were catching lost their tails on the way in by bigger game fish, so we set out a live bait and caught a giant barracuda.  Perfect set of teeth on this fish.

lady holding a barracuda she just caught on an inshore fishing trip

Barracuda caught by this lucky fishing lady

On most of our charters lately we’ve been catching a ton of bonitos and kingfish on the reef.  We love it when everyone on the boat gets to catch a couple.  Then we turn our efforts over to bigger game fish and target sharks, barracuda, amberjack and sailfish.  This strategy has been good and everyone that has come out with us lately has come in with good catches.

Proud angler posing with a blackfin tuna he caught on a head boat fishing trip in Ft Lauderdale

Nice blackfin tuna caught on our head boat fishing trip in Fort Lauderdale

Side note:  I’m back from my Alaska cruise and let me tell you it was awesome.  Beautiful mountains, rivers, glaciers, forests and wildlife.  I saw so many salmon in some of the streams you could literally walk on them.  The fish had no room but to swim pretty much on top of eachother.  I highly reccomend the cruise if you ever get a chance to go, Alaska is a beautiful place.  I’m taking the fishing report writing back over from here on out, so expect more frequent reports and photos.  Thanks everyone for reading my blog.  See ya tommorrow…

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