Sharks are biting good fishing on Ft. Lauderdale reefs

Big Shark caught fishing on our sportfishing boat

The Fort Lauderdale sportfishing boats came in with a couple big sharks today and yesterday.  The big sharks are still coming through the area and they are hungry.  The sharks showed up late this year, but they are still migrating through in strong numbers.  The action on them has been awesome.  Today, and I’ll have to wait for the customer to email me the pictures, we caught 2 sharks on the same rig simultaneously.  It was incredible, we were fighting one shark and the bait was kind of hanging out of his mouth.  Another shark came up and ate the chunk of meat hanging out of his mouth and got hooked himself.  It was a very unusual catch for us.  We also caught a big amberjack along with this shark.  A very good day of sportfishing out there off Ft. Lauderdale.

Caught while fishing for Shark and amberjack