We couldn’t keep a bait in the water today, fishing off Ft. Lauderdale

Some proud fishermen holding their catch after their drift fishing trip in Fort Lauderdale.

Nice catch on our drift fishing trip for this large group charter.

Guys, the fishing was just plain old awesome today.  We caught so many fish, I don’t know which trip to write about.  Our Drift boats are catching tons and tons of bonitos and kingfish.  I didn’t even count them, but there was a huge pile of them on the dock.  Everybody got off the boat hooting and hollering about how many fish they caught.  We’ve been getting all our action on the reef, about a mile offshore.  120′-200′ of water has been where the bite has been the best on the drift fishing trips.  Most of the fish have been bonitos ranging from 10-18 pounds and kingfish ranging from 8-15 pounds.  We’ve been fishing the baits about 1/2 way to the bottom and jigging.  Ballyhoo, sardines and squid have been the best baits.  Whenever we got the bait to where we wanted it, BAM!  Either we would catch a king or bonito or get a big strike and miss one.  We literally couldn’t keep a bait in the water for more than a minute.  The mates worked their butts off today keeping hooks tied on and baits going out.  But everybody that went got to catch something nice.

Nice family posing with their catch after their fishing trip. Some nice fish are biting in Fort Lauderdale.

Nice catch by this family on our deep sea fishing trip. Great activity for families.

Our Sportfishing charters did great today too.  They were catching the same stuff as the party boats were, lots of kings and bonitos.  However, they did catch a couple nice fish the drift boats didn’t get to catch.  They caught a 25 pound wahoo and a big blackfin tuna today.  They also caught a nice silky shark.  The biggest king was about an 18 pounder with most of ’em being 5-10 pounders.  It was a helluva day at sea today.

Nice catch by these families on our drift fishing trip.

Nice catch by these guys doing our drift fishing trip.

Capt. Adam took out a 10 person private charter today that wanted to catch some fish for dinner.  They started off trolling and caught a couple bonitos but the customers said they wanted to catch some snapper or grouper.  Well, you don’t have to mention snapper to  Capt. Adam  twice.  He went out to one of his secret spots (he still won’t tell me where), and he caught 110 vermillion snapper.  It was an awesome day for him aad the customers went home with enough snapper for a neighborhood fish fry.  The deep sea fishing was great today and everything we tried today worked great.

Lots of snappers lined up on the dock at the end of our drift fishing trip

Awesome catch of vermillion snappers on our drift boat fishing trip.

Tommorrow night is the Friday night swordfishing trip we run.  I’ve been hearing the swordfish are biting great this week and if we have a trip like we did last week, I’ll be tickled pink!  The swordfishing trip is my favorite trip of the week.  We still have 3 seats available last time I checked if anyone else wants to go.  It should be a great trip.  Thanks everyone who fished with us today, hope you guys come back and fish with us again.  Cya all tommorrow.

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