Huge Swordfish caught on Ft. Lauderdale private charter

By July 21, 2007July 25th, 2018Swordfishing Charter Reports
Guys posing with two swordfish they just caught on a night swordfishing charter

Nice double swordfish catch by these guys on our deep sea fishing charter.

Capt. Adam went out on a private charter the  night before last with Farley, one of the guys who fishes with us a lot.  Check out these swordfish they caught out there.  They are absolutely humongous.  The smaller of the two is a beauty.  The larger swordfish is insane.  Its good to know there are fish out there like this.

The guys caught these fish out about 15 miles while fishing off Ft. Lauderdale.  Swordfishing has been really productive these past few weeks out of Lauderdale.  Almost every trip we go on, we bring back one or two, sometimes more.  Guys, you can be proud of that one, it is one awesome fish and a great trip.  Pretty work Farley and Adam.

Double swordfish catch on our deep sea swordfishing trip in Ft Lauderdale.

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