Drift Boat Fishing off Ft. Lauderdale

These anglers had a fun day of head boat fishing out of Fort Lauderdale.

Nice catch on our head boat today while fishing out of Fort Lauderdale

Wow, today was a great day of fishing.  The reef fishing is going off out there.  On our fishing charter today we stated out trolling around.  Right off the bat, within 3 minutes of putting the baits out we hook up to a sailfish.  I couldn’t believe it.  There are always a few sailfish around, but the summer is certainly not the best time of year to catch a sailfish.  After a few nice jumps we caught the sailfish and released it.  The trolling baits went back out and non stop action the whole morning.  Bonito, bonito, kingish, bonito, bonito, kingfish.  We caught a lot of bonitos today.  Heheh.  Some small-medium sized kingifsh were caught too, most being 4-12 pounds.  All in all, I think we caught about 20 bonitos and around 10 kings.  As well as a couple small blackfin tuna.

By midday, the reef fishing was slowing down and everyone had caught a whole bunch of fish.  We decided to go do some vermillion snapper fishing around one of the local Ft Lauderdale shipwrecks.  We were fishing with chicken rigs baited with chunks of squid.  Every drop we caught a couple.  After a dozen or so drops it was time to head for home.  We had a lot of fish to clean.  It took us about 45 minutes to filet all those little snappers.

Nice catch of snapper and grouper laying on the dock after our drift fishing trip.

Nice catch on our drift boat with some snappers and groupers biting.

Our other boats had good catches too, most of the same stuff.  Kingfish and lots of bonitos.  Capt. Eric caught a big wahoo today that weighed maybe 25 pounds and a larger blackfin tuna.  I spent a little time shark fishing today, with no luck, but the sharks are still here.  There is just so much food out there for them, they are stuffed.  We’ll be catching the big sharks till around the end of August and bonitos and kings should be biting for a few more weeks.  Swordfish trip is going out on Friday night which I think is gonna be a great trip this week.  Good luck everyone, see ya’ll out there.

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