Drift Fishing and Sportfishing Charter in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 7/12/07

By July 12, 2007July 25th, 2018Offshore Reports

Today was some pretty dang good fishing off Ft. Lauderdale.  We caught a huge shark on the sportfishing boat.  A 13 year old boy from Russia caught him all by himself.  It was a great fight and an awesome fish.  Yesterday was a good day too on the sportfishing boat, with a bunch of snapper and a nice black grouper caught.  The weather was beautiful, and the ocean was calm.  Typical summertime weather for us.  This is a picture of the shark we caught and yesterdays bottom fishing trip.

Nice shark hanging next to 2 anglers who caught it.

Big Shark Caught on a shark fishing charter 

The drift boats have been doing great also.  Today we got tons of action on the reef with about 25 bonitos and 1 big kingfish.  Not bad for a 4 hour fishing charter.  Tommorrow night we’re going swordfishing so hopefully I’ll get a big fish to show you guys pictures of.  Still some room on our Swordfishing trip tommorrow if anyone wants to come.  Weather looks good and it should be a great night.  I know the swordfish are snapping out there.  This is a picture of today’s trip on the Catch My Drift.

Anglers after their deep sea fishing trip holding their catch at the dock.

Some nice bonitos and kingfish caught on our deep sea fishing trip.

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