Wahoos, Wahoos and More Wahoos. Great Wahoo Action in Ft Lauderdale.

nice wahoos just caught trolling

A double header wahoo caught trolling on our sportfishing charter

Wow, what a week we’ve had trolling for wahoo.  They are jumping in the boat.  Not literally, but they sure are biting good.  The wahoo always bite good around the full moon, and this week is no different.  We’re catching them trolling in 180-450ft of water, just a mile and a half off the Ft Lauderdale coast.  We’ve caught a couple doubles and a couple triples over the past few days.  There are also some mahi-mahi mixed in and a few tunas.  Our sportfishing charters aren’t catching them on every single trip, but this is a great time to come out and fish for the fastest fish in the ocean.  Let’s go fishing!

Nice wahoo just caught in Ft Lauderdale

Nice wahoo caught by this lady angler on our sportfishing charter

Nice wahoo caught trolling outside the reef

Big double wahoo caught trolling 400ft of water

Triple wahoos at the dock

Triple wahoo caught on our sportfishing charter

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