Fort Lauderdale Dolphin Fishing Good Today

Dolphin Fishing

Nice dolphin catch on the Mary B III All Day fishing trip in Fort Lauderdale

Nice dolphin run coming through today in Ft Lauderdale.  A couple of the boats fishing offshore today found dolphin out there, a couple really nice ones.  The action was a ways offshore today, about 6-8 miles off.  We heard early in the morning that some of the boats fishing offshore were seeing dolphin, so we made the commitment and trolled offshore.  There wasn’t much action to start, a few flying fish getting up here and there, a few patches of weed…not much.  When we got 6 miles offshore, we found a scanty weedline and trolled along it.  We started catching some small dolphin here and there, and then managed to catch a nice cow/bull pair that were 12 and 18 pounds respectively.  A few other boats fishing offshore in Fort Lauderdale today caught dolphin as well.  Our sportfishing boat, the Keeping it Reel was trolling the same weedline as my boat and caught a 30 pound bull.  Late May is usually a great couple weeks of good dolphin fishing.  I hope it lasts!  Good Luck fishing this week everybody, I’ll sea ya on the water.

Bull Dolphin

30 pound bull dolphin caught on a sportfishing charter in Ft Lauderdale

Blackfin Tuna

Nice blackfin tuna caught drift fishing aboard the Mary B III

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