30 Dolphin caught on Mary B III All Day trip

30 dolphin caught on all day trip

30 dolphin caught on the Mary B III's all day fishing trip

The Mary B III had an awesome all day trip yesterday with a catch of 30 dolphin.  Eight anglers went out on our open party all day fishing trip that we go out on every day.  We started off trolling the reef in about 100′ of water.  We spent the first hour catching a few small kingfish and a decent size blackfin tuna.  The Out of the Blue, our sister ship gave us a call that there was a nice color change and weedline out in 450′ of water, so we trolled out there to check it out.  The color change looked awesome, green water on the inside of the current edge and crystal clear,dark blue water on the outside.  The edge was so well defined, it looked like it was drawn with a pencil.  There was scattered weed and miscellaneous pieces of debris strewn along it, and birds were all through the area.  It looked like a Guy Harvey painting out there.  We started getting bites immediately, dolphin were biting every few minutes, we were hooked up constantly.  We threw back as many as we caught because they were too small.  We also had a monster dolphin on for a few minutes but pulled the hooks on him.    The fishing was great throughout the day.  When we got back, we took our pictures and spent over two hours fileting dolphin.  It wa an awesome day of fishing off Fort Lauderdale.


Capt Rod and Scott with a big dolphin just caught

The dolphin fishing isn’t that spectacular every day out here, but almost every trip this week has caught at least a few dolphin.  In fact, the past two weeks of dolphin fishing has been some of the best dolphin fishing I’ve seen in over five years.  The sailfish bite is also going excellent.  November-January is our peak sailfish season here in Fort Lauderdale.  They bite great when the weather gets rough and the temperatures get chilly.  Kite fishing is all but a guaranteed shot on sailfish these days, and many trips we’ll catch multiple sailfish.

Dolphin catch

Nice catch of dolphin caught sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale

Dolphin catch behind boat

Nice dolphin caught by this young fisherman aboard the Mary B III


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