38 pound Bull dolphin

38 pound Bull dolphin caught on a sportfishing charter in Fort Lauderdale

We are having an awesome couple of days of fishing here in Fort Lauderdale.  The fishing on our reefs has just gotten incredible.  Sailfish are biting all over the place, big bull dolphin are being caught in 150 foot of water, schools of small dolphins everywhere… there is some serious action going on.  This is the best fishing I have seen in a while.  Today, Capt. Rod took out a morning sportfishing charter aboard the Out of the Blue.  They started off the trip flying the kites in 150 foot of water.  20 minutes went by and then they saw the dolphin swimming in hard on the left long.  A bull that size pushes a wake of water as he is charging toward the bait.  The dolphin gagged down the goggle eye and was immediately hooked.  The angler did an awesome job and we caught the fish in under a half hour.  He weighed 38 pounds.

Dolphin Catch

Lots of dolphins caught today aboard the Out of the Blue

There were a lot of big dolphin caught today.  The Catch My Drift caught a couple big dolphin on their morning trip today too.  The dolphin have been biting all week, but today was the best day so far.  Capt Greg and Kevin were fishing on the Keeping It Reel today on an all day charter.  They caught 15 dolphin trolling and live baiting on the reef, and went 1 for 2 on sailfish.  The fishing is just awesome and the cool weather that just hit today might make this awesome fish snap last for a couple more days.  Get out there fishing while you can!  The all day fishing trip is sailing every day this week and we have plenty of room still on our shared sportfishing charters over the next couple days.  Even the drift fishing trips are doing great.  Good luck to everyone on the trips this week.  Catch a bunch!

Sailfish jumping out of the water

Awesome sailfish jumping picture taken from a cell phone camera

Big Wahoo caught drift fishing

55 pound wahoo caught drift fishing

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