Swordfishing offshore Ft Lauderdale is HOT

Daytime Swordfish caught in Ft Lauderdale

200 pound swordfish caught daytime swordfishing in Ft Lauderdale

We went daytime swordfishing offshore of Ft Lauderdale today.  We ran offshore 20 miles to our swordfish grounds and made some drops.  The first couple drops, we didn’t get a bite.  On the third drop, we had the bait down about 5 minutes, and our rod doubles over and starts screaming out line.  The fish fought hard, it was almost 40 minutes till we got him to the surface.  When the fish got about 50 feet from the surface, he shot up like a missle and jumped full body out of the water.  We quickly backed up on top of him and Jay threw the harpoon, a perfect shot right into the fishes shoulder.  We estimated the fish at 200 pounds.  During the trip, we also hooked into another big fish that could have very well been a swordfish.  We pulled the hooks on that fish after a few minutes, so we never saw what it was.  The daytime swordfishing bite has been outstanding this month off Ft Lauderdale.  We have some spots available still for our Friday Night Swordfishing Trip on October 7 if anyone is interested- $135 per person.  Or…

10 Hour Daytime Swordfishing Charter- $1100
Deep dropping for Swordfish

Big swordfish caught deep dropping offshore Ft Lauderdale

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