Winter Fishing Bite is Going Great Fishing in Ft Lauderdale

Gigantic warsaw grouper just caught wreck fishing in Ft Lauderdale 

Fishing this week is excellent out of Ft Lauderdale.  We are catching sailfish on just about every trip.  Winter is prime sailfish season here in Fort Lauderdale and this year is no exception.  We catch most of our sailfish by a technique that we call “kite fishing”.  Kite fishing is a method of fishing for sailfish where we fly fishing kites and dangle live baits from pressure release clips strung along the kite lines.  It keeps the bait swimming on the surface and is great for catching sailfish, mahi-mahi, tuna and any other surface feeding gamefish.  The mahi-mahi dolphin have been coming in on the reef and swarming the boat.  When this happens, we cast out pitch baits and bail them.  

 Monster sailfish caught kite fishing in Ft Lauderdale

Deep dropping around the Ft Lauderdale shipwrecks has been excellent for big bottom fish.  Yesterday, we went deep dropping on one of our deep shipwrecks, the ‘Molds’.  The wreck is in 220′ of water.  Rod dropped a live bonito to the bottom and instantly we were hooked up.  We fought the fish for 20 minutes until we reeled it up to the surface.  It was a giant warsaw grouper.  This is a great time fo year to fish around the wrecks for big groupers, cobia and amberjacks. 

 Ashley and crew holding a big wahoo just caught sportfishing in Ft Lauderdale

Big wahoo are also out there to be caught.  A couple days ago, we were trolling out in 300′ of water and got a monster bite on the planer bait.  The fish came off instantly and when we wound in the bait, we saw we had been chopped off.  I grabbed a wire leader and hooked it up and we circled back around through the same area.  Another huge bite as we passed through the same spot, but this time the fish held on.  The fish smoked most of the line off the reel on the initial run.  After 30 minutes of pumping and winding on the fish, we got him to the boat.  Rod gaffed the fish when it came close enough and pulled it over the covering board.  The fish was a 58 pound wahoo, a fat fish just over 5 feet long.  Nice catch! 

Big Wahoo just caught drift fishing on the Mary B III 

Great fishing these days on our Fort Lauderdale sportfishing charters.  Big fish, good action and some good eating fish!  Sea you on the water. 

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  • Amanda and Michael Smith says:

    We had a blast on “catch my drift” thursday night! Caught some yellow tail and mutton snapper. Made for a nice dinner for the whole family! First mate Justin and the Captin that night was awesome! Cant wait to go again!

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