Drift Fishing in Ft Lauderdale Heating Up as the Weather Gets Chilly

drift fishing in Ft Lauderdale 

The fishing in Ft Lauderdale is getting good this week as we come upon our first cold front of the year.  The kingfish bite is excellent.  A lot of kingfish are biting on our drift fishing trips in about 100-140′ of water, just outside the reef.  The cold front that moved through yesterday got the fish really excited.  Fish get extra frisky whenever the temperature drops a couple degrees.  Kingfish, blackfin tuna, snappers and groupers are biting good out there.  The snappers we’re catching are yellowtail snappers which weigh only 2-3 pounds and some big mutton snappers which weigh between 5 and 15 pounds.  We’re catching our first few sailfish of the season now as well.  Sailfish bite particularly well whenever the weather gets chilly. 

 Blackffin tuna caught drifting in Ft Lauderdale

On several trips this week, we had some schools of mahi-mahi swim right up to the boat.  We cast out pitch baits to the school and caught a bunch of them.  A good trick to catching mahi-mahi is to always leave one fish hooked up in the water (don’t being it aboard), so that the whole school will stay with you and you can keep catching them.  Mahi-mahi are really good eating and fun to catch because they do so many jumps during the fight.  Blackend Mahi-mahi is one of my favorite fish recipes.  Great fishing out there this week.  Sea you on the water.

Mahi-mahi biting on the Ft Lauderdale reefs

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