Awesome Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing this month

 Huge wahoo caught deep sea drift fishing in Fort Lauderdale

The fishing in Fort Lauderdale has been awesome this month.  Our drift fishing trips are catching loads of kingfish and bonitos during the day trips.  Summer action is always hot, but this year it’s been really great for us.  There’s been a lot more baitfish around this year, and wherever there are baitfish, the big fish are close behind.  The ocean has been flat as a pancake out there and the weather has been really hot.  The air conditioned cabin has been heaven for a quick cooldown after an exerting fish fight.  The hot weather is welcome though, because that is why we are catching so many fish out there. 

 Mutton snappers caught deep sea fishing in Ft Lauderdale

Bonitos have definitely been outnumbering everything we’re catching out there.  We’ve been getting 3 bonitos for every kingfish that comes into the boat, but with so many bonitos being caught,  our kingfish numbers have been good too.  The fish have all been huge too.  Lots of baitfish means their eating well and almost every kingfish has been FAT.  Most of the kings we’ve been catching this week have been in the 8-12 pound range with some 20 pounders hitting the deck here and there.  Both morning and afternoon trips have been producing very well.

nice catch of kingfish and wahoo fishing in Fort Lauderdale 
On a couple trips this week, we’ve caught wahoos.  Wahoo are an awesome summertime fish that takes super fast runs off the reel and put up a hellatious fight.  And what a great eating fish they are.  One one of our trips, we were into a big school of kingfish and one lucky angler hooked into a 50 pound wahoo.  The guy that caught it did a great job of catching it as Captain Stu guided him on some tips to fight the fish.  We caught him in just under a half hour.  This was a huge wahoo and fed just about everybody on the boat.  Great trips all month for us on the daily deep sea drift fishing trips

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