Kingfishing action is Hot on the Ft Lauderdale Reef

Party boat fishing trip aboard Catch My Drift 

The kingfish have shown up off Ft Lauderdale, in a huge explosion of fish.  Kingfish of all sizes, 3 pounders to 25 pounders, are biting like mad in the 80′-150′ depths.  The drift fishing boat trips on the reef are coming in with big numbers of kingfish these days.  They are chasing the baitfish schools of sardines and herring that we’ve seen all over the reefs.

Kingfish and groupers caught deep sea fishing

Then kingfish have been travelling the reef in large schools, made up of hundreds of fish.  We’ll be fishing a spot for a while with slow action, when POW!…  a huge school of kingfish will swim through our baits and eat every line we have over the side.  They say that ‘fishing’ is hours and hours of boredom, interrupted by a moment of panic.  It can be really exciting and fun.

Lots of kingfish just brought in from a Ft Lauderdale fishing trip

Kingfish aren’t the only fish biting out there.  With the several days of east wind that’s been blowing out there, the mahi-mahi have been starting to show up on the reef as well.  Those boats drifting or trolling the reef are finding small pods of schoolie mahi-mahi.  The fish have been small in size, only 3-6 pounds, but that’s the size that’s common this time of year.  As we get into June, we’ll begin to see the huge schools of mahi-mahi offshore.

Lots of snapper action on night anchor fishing trips

The night fishing has been slow on kingfish, but full of non-stop action.  The night anchor fishing has been awesome for snappers of all sorts, but especially yellowtail snappers.  Some big mangrove and mutton snapper are being caught also.  It takes a bit of time to get a good chum slick out there working for you.  But once you get a good bite started, as soon as your bait hits the bottom you’ll start getting hits.  All in all it’s turning into a great season and May looks like it will bring even more nice fish out way.  If you’ve got a free day and an itch to go fishing, check out one of our deep sea fishing trips and Let’s Go Fishing!  Sea you on the water… 

Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing catch

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