Good catch on the dolphin trip this week fishing in Fort Lauderdale

By September 20, 2008Offshore Reports

Good catch on the dolphin trip this week off Fort Lauderdale

We went out on the all day dolphin trip the other day and we did pretty good.  We found a nice weedline and got jumped by a couple nice schools of mahi-mahi.  We only had 6 anglers on the boat that day.  Our minimum is 10, but with all the storm activity, it’s been scaring a lot of people away.  We wanted to go out there though, ’cause we’ve been hearing of a lot of scattered debris out there from the hurricane that hit Cuba.  We found a really nice weedline about 7 miles offshore and trolled along it for a majority of the day. It wasn’t red hot action, but we did hit a few nice schools of fish on the trip.  A couple of times, we had more fish on the line than we had anglers for.  There was one school of 20 or so fish, we could have loaded up on if we had more folks on the boat.  We caught a few from the school but they got spooked quickly and swam off.  There are some mahi-mahi offshore right now.  Mostly schoolie sized ones, but man are they good eating.  We even got a couple small blackfin tuna on the trip.  We released a dozed more, but kept a few for some fresh sushi!  Sea ya out there, more on the fishing report tommorrow. 

mahi-mahi, kingfish and blackfin tuna

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