Dolphin Days off Fort Lauderdale

By September 16, 2008Offshore Reports

Nice dolphin fishing offshore Fort Lauderdale 

Well, the dolphin have finally shown up pretty good.  We hit a couple schools out there in the past few days.  There has been a lot of debris floating out there because of all the storm activity to the south of us.  I love trolling out there and finding an entire palm tree floating or a gas grill, haha.  There’s some funny stuff floating out there in the deep sea.  Troll around until you find something cool to fish along, and you’re in the fish.  Mahi-mahi are my favoirite fish to catch offshore and it’s great to go out there and come in with a nice catch.  The Wednesday All Day dolphin trip this week should be great. 

Good kingfish action on the Ft Lauderdale reefs

Dolphin are biting offshore, but inshore there are some nice kingfish, snapper and even the sailfish are starting to show up for us.  We’ve been seeing quite a few free jumping sailfish on the reef and we’ve even got to catch a couple this week.  I think that this sailfish season in Ft. Lauderdale will be awesome fishing for us.  The drift boat even caught a sailfish yesterday, so they must be biting, haha.  The fishing is pretty good, so if you have a free day, Let’s Go Fishing!

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