Mahi-Mahi Dolphin Bonanza aboard the Big Game sportfishing boat

 Bunch of big dolphin caught fishing in the Bahamas

So this week, I took some friends of mine to the Bahamas for a few days of fishing in Bimini, Chub Cay and Grand Bahama Islands.  It was a fun trip, we caught a ton of big mahi mahi dolphin, lots of snappers and ton of other fish.  We left on Friday morning and fished across the gulfstream towards Bimini.  There wasn’t alot of action for us on the first day.  We found a big frigate bird flying out in the middle of nowhere and as soon as we got close, insta-bite big dolphin.  We hooked 2 nice dolphin.  The bigger one we lost behind the boat was probably a 20 pounder, and the smaller one was about 12.  We caught a couple little baby tunas on the way across also, but we let those go.  Not much action on the first day, but then again our trip had just begun. 

Couple nice dolphin caught trolling across to Bimini 

The next day we made it to Chub Cay, where the fishing was much better.  We fished the pocket hard for marlin, wahoo, tuna, dolphin… anything that would bite.  Dolphin were biting good and we caught a few really nice ones.  We also caught a ton of big barracudas which we released.  Marlin was what we really wanted to catch, but not a bite on them. 

Nice muttons and yellowtail caught anchor fishing in Chub Cay

The next day, after sleeping off our hangovers from the previous night’s festivities, we went out for some deep drop bottom fishing.  I have some good GPS numbers for some spots over there, and let me tell you, the snappers were plentiful.  We limited out in about 2 hours of fishing.  Giant button, blackfin, and yelloweye snappers were biting great.  Every drop down on our multi hook rigs, came up with 5-7 snappers.  When we caught about our limit, we headed for home.  The funny thing is that it took me longer to filet all the fish than it did to catch them.  It was a great day of snapper fishing. 

John holding a deep water snapper caught in the Bahamas

Nice load of snapper on the way up to the fish cleaning house

The following day we trolled all the way to Port Lucaya on Grand Bahama Island.  Again, I had my marlin, dolphin tuna spread out there, but never got a marlin bite.  We did manage to catch some big mahi mahi along the way.  When we came upon a couple big flocks of birds busting on the surface of the water, I put out a couple special tuna baits and got 6 or 7 nice blackfin tunas.  It was a good day with some nice fish brought in. 

Glen with his big mutton snapper

On the last day, we trolled for home and guess what we caught?!?!?  A whole bunch more dolphin.  We had caught so many dolphin on the trip, we were begging for anything different.  Hey, most of the time of the year out of Fort Lauderdale, we would happy about catching one of 2 of these bigger dolphin, and we caught a ton of them.  Just goes to show you how ya can get a little spoiled with a few days of fishing in the Bahamas.  Great trip and thanks to everyone that came. 

Doc and John holding some big dolphins

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