Summer Action is here on the Fort Lauderdale Fishing Boats

Fort Lauderdale fishing- big wahoo, dolphin and some tunas and kingfish 

Summer is here!  Kids are out of school, the sun is shining, the fish are biting, now is a great time for fishing in Fort Lauderdale.  First off, this is the all around best time of year for mahi mahi.  I mean, they are all over the place out there.  Most of them are the schoolies, not more than 5 or 6 pounds, but there are a lot of them.  Hit one school offshore, find a weedline to troll along, or spot just one piece of debris floating and you’re in there, Dolphin!  For this time of year, I do reccomend a longer trip, like a 6 hour or all day, because it can take some time to find them out there.  Fortunately for us, birds are much better fishermen than ourselves, and we can spot them a lot easier.  If you’re looking for some decent dolphin action and a possible freezer filling mission, this is about the best time of year for an all day dolphin charter.

Nice catch of mahi mahi and snappers

Kingfish action has been very decent as well.  Kings, bonitos, mahi mahi, and even some blackfin tunas have been pretty thick along the deeper reefs and wrecks off south Florida.  Best action has been from trolling planers and outrigger baits(rigged strips and ballyhoos).  Troll anywhere from 80′-175′ of water and you’ll get plenty of action.  Try brighter colored lures and skirts on darker overcast days and darker skirts and lures on bright, shiny days.  Seawitches, plain skirts, small mildcraft lures, and drone spoons are the ticket this time of year. 

Garcia and Larry with a big kingfish and mutton snapper 

The four hour drift fishing trips have been pulling in their fair share of bonitos, kings and snappers too.  Some very nice muttons are going to be biting on the next couple of full moons.  This is the mutton spawn off Fort Lauderdale and our night anchor trip usually wails on them for a few nights.  The bigger muttons are already starting to show up on the reef, so its just a matter of time until the spawning begins… and it will be soon. 

Summer time action on the Fort Lauderdale drift fishing boats

Kings and bonitos have started biting on the day drift fishing trips too.  Today we caught a couple of big fat kings and a few bonitos.  The major bonito/kingfish fest doesn’t get in full swing for a couple weeks, but there are plenty of them on the reef now to keep you busy.  By the end of August, we’re going to be so tired of catching kings and bonitos, we’re going to be wishing for some slower fishing.  Just kidding, NEVER!  Well, good luck to all of you that are fishing with us this week, and we have plenty of openings on both the sportfishing boats and drift fishing trips to get you out fishing whenever you want to go.  Call me, Capt. Andy for reservations.  Sea ya’ll on the ocean…Garcia the mutton fisherman!

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