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Fort Lauderdale Shark Fishing Charters are getting RED HOT!

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Hammerhead sharks are one of the most sought after shark species in the world. Their stangely shaped head, resembling a hammer, makes them a very unique shark. Their eyes are positioned on the lateral aspects of their hammers of the head, giving them the ultimate periferal vision. Their skin is thick and tough, like armor plating. Their jaws are sharp with hundred and hundreds of razor sharp teeth.

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Fort Lauderdale Night Fishing on the Catch My Drift

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It was a great night out there with a lot of action. This trip was one of our 7:30 PM- 11:30 PM trips we run on the Catch My Drift. It was our anchor fishing trip where we go out to the reef and anchor fish for yellowtail snappers and other reef fish. It was a pretty nice night, only lightly choppy. We anchored upcurrent of one of our shallow water spots in about 80′ of water.

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