Party Boat Drift Fishing has been good these days on the Fort Lauderdale reefs

big mutton snappers and lots of other fish caught on the Fort Lauderdale party boat drift fishing trips

Drift fishing in Fort Lauderdale has been the best thing going these days.  Quite a bit of action on the morning, afternoon and night fishing trips.  Our 2 day time trips have been doing really good on vermillion snappers and other critters.  What we’ve been doing is going out there and dropping down on some of our secret snapper spots in anywhere from 200-270′ deep of water.  The customers are doing good taking directions too.  Most of the fishermen put their lines out about 20 arm lengths.  Captain Vic or Captain Dale has been going over to everyone and saying, put it out another 30 arm lengths.  As soon as they do that, Bammo.  Fish on!  It works every time.
Larry with a nice kingfish he caught drift fishing on the Catch My Drift
The bottom fishing has been really good and not just for snappers.  We’ve been catching a variety of different critters out there.  I’ve sen all kinds of crazy stuff come up lately.  Just a few mentionables are trigger fish, eels, an octopus and lots of little junk fish throw backs.  We even caught a spiny lobster that we threw back because it was too short.  The customer’s mouths were watering when we brought that one aboard, let me tell you.  Too bad it was a little guy.  The octopus we caught was a crazy, unexpected fish too.  The cool thing about octopi is that they change colors so fast.  As soon as you hold them next to something on the boat, they change to that exact color.  The uncool thing about octopi is that they squirt ink juice all over the place which is not so easy to get out with soap.  Anyway, there have been some cool fish biting.

A few nice fish caught on today's Drift fishing boat

 On the reef in the shallower part of the ocean we’ve been getting good action too.  But not the normal kingfish action we target.  We’ve been getting mutton snappers and yellowtail snappers.  The muttons we’ve been catching have been good size too.  Most of them 4-6 pounds with a bigger 8 or 9 pounder every now and again.  Although the kingfish action has been slow, the mahi mahi dolphin fish have been biting decent.  Almost every trip we’ve gone out on has brought in a few small dolphins.  Great fishing on the Fort Lauderdale drift fishing boats.  We run these party boat fishing trips every day so if you want to come out on one with us, just give us a call and we’ll get you out fishing.  Cya out on the water. 

This yound fella caught a couple of fishes out in Fort Lauderdale

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