Friday Night Swordfishing trip was a blast last night out of Fort Lauderdale

The Friday night swordfishing trip was a blast last night.  We had a full boat and all the guys were a lot of fun to fish with. The weather was beautiful, not a wave in the ocean and just a light breeze.  We ended up just getting one bite, but it was a good bite.  The fish didn’t bite until 1:15 in the morning, just before we were about to clear the lines to go home.  The swordfish put up a good fight and everyone was jubilant that we finally got one.  Fish was about a hundred pounder, 91″ overall.  It’s not everyday that we can go out there and come home with an 8 foot fish.  When we got back, we filleted the fish up and everyone that went got to take lots of swordfish filets home for dinner.  There was dinner for everybody.  It was a great night of swordfishing and next week should be good fishing too.  I love fishing on the week after a full moon and the week after that.  We should have good swordfishing out here in Fort Lauderdale for the next few months, so get out there if you can, the fishing is hot.

Huge swordfish we caught on the Friday night swordfishing trip out of Fort Lauderdale

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