Giant Tiger Shark Caught Sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale

Giant tiger shark caught sportfishing out of Fort Lauderdale 

Today was awesome out there on the sportfishing boats.  We went out there and did some trolling right off the bat.  We had a little action on the troll, but the real story today was what we caught when we went bottom fishing.  The shipwrecks were alive with fish today.  We went bottom dropping on one of our favorite shipwrecks and caught a couple nice golden amberjacks.  If you’ve never caught a golden amberjack before, these fish are some of the strongest fish pound for pound in the ocean.  They are great fighters and they get big too.  The ones we caught today were around 35 pounders.  There have been some bigger groupers around too, but we didn’t get to catch any of them today. 

Another nice picture of the tiger shark these boys caught today

A totally unexpected fish we caught today was a huge tiger shark.  I have only personally caught one of these fish, and it was only about 4 and a half feet long, but the crew of the Keeping It Reel caught a giant one today.  The Jones family from Virginia were the fishermen today, Chris Jones and his two sons, Tyler and Conner.  The boys were the ones that got to fight this big sea monster.  It was a great fight and what a cool fish.  We certainly don’t get to catch giant tiger sharks every day fishing in Fort Lauderdale.  The fishing is really good right now with some big fish biting and some good action on the reefs and wrecks.  Give me a call and I’ll get you out on one of our trips

Great bottom fishing in Fort Lauderdale these days

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