Check out this Fort Lauderdale drift fishing trip catch!

Nice cobia and dolphin catch on the Catch My Drift out of Fort Lauderdale 

Excellent drift fishing today.  We went out on our normal half day trips today and had a great catch.  Kings were biting pretty good today as they have been for the past couple of weeks.  Some nice kings in the mix also.  Not just kingfish, but the mahi mahi dolphin fish were bititng great as well.  We caught a nice bunch of dolphin fish and they were pretty nice size.  The fish of the day though, was this giant cobia.  Capt. Vic heard one of the fishermen say he saw a shark.  Well, the crew looked out over the water and couldn’t see anything.  So they figured it was just a figment of the guy’s imagination and forgot all about it.  A few minutes later someone else said they thought they saw a shark out there.  So by now, we were looking hard for this elusive shark.  Never saw him.  About 15 minutes go by and someone is winding in a kingfish.  We hear someone yell, “shark is about to eat the kingfish!”  Well, it wasn’t a shark.  It was about a 60 pound cobia and it was following the kingfish right to the boat.  Without a seconds notice, we pitched out a bait and the cobia swallowed it whole.  We didn’t get much of a fight out of him because he was so close to the boat when he ate.  The real fight occured when we stuch the gaff into him.  The fish went ballistic and thrashed every which way.  Vic bruised a couple ribs getting jerked around by that fish.  Kevin, quick on the gaff, got a second hook into him quickly and together they yoked the fish over the side.  It ended a great day of fishing and everyone went home with lots of fish for dinner. 

Couple nice kingfish caught drift fishing in Fort Lauderdale 

That was just the morning trip, and the afternoon was just as good.  We caught some more kings and dolphins.  We didn’t get to catch a big cobia in the afternoon, but we still had plenty of action.  The last photo here is a sailfish we caught last week, but I didn’t have my camera that day, so I had to wait for the customers to email me photos of the fish.  Anyway, here is the photo of a huge sailfish we caught on our sportfishing charter.  Fishing is really good out there guys, so lets get out there and catch some big game fish.  Sea ya out there…

Huge sailfish photo of a fish we caught last week on a Fort Lauderdale sportfishing charter

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