Fort Lauderdale Friday Night Swordfishing Charter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By August 25, 2007July 26th, 2018Swordfishing Charter Reports
guys taking a pic with the 5 swordfish that we caught on our swordfishing trip

5 swordfish caught on our Fort Lauderdale swordfishing trip

Check this out.  Now, there are a few trips a year that really astound me, and this trip last night absolutely did for me.  Our luck on our swordfish trips lately has been kinda down these past few weeks.  The past few Friday nights hasn’t been that good for us.  Last week we fished the Sword Lords Tournament and we hooked into3 fish, but unfortunately pulled the hooks on all 3 fish.  Needless to say, our luck has been down for about 3 weeks now.  But we were due.  We were due for a good trip and last night was it!  We slammed them.  Caught 5 swordfish on our trip last night.

Guys taking a quick snapshot of their awesome catch on our swordfishing charter

5 swordfish caught on our Friday Night Swordfishing trip in Fort Lauderdale

The first fish we caught was small, so we brought him close to the boat, and cut the line.  He was small and definetly not a legal fish so we released him.  The drift was funny last night and it was difficult to put our lines out there.  As we were resetting the lines from the first fish we caught, we got another bite.  We caught that fish, set the lines out again and Bam!  Immediately got another bite.  The fish were biting last night.  I don’t think we actually ever managed to get all the lines back out again during the entire night, the fish were biting so good.

These guys are so happy kneeling under the 5 swordfish they just caught sword fishing that night

Lots of swordfish caught on our Fort Lauderdale swordfishing charter

We ended up catching 5 swordfish last night guys.  So far, in the year and a half we’ve been running the Friday Night Swordfishing trip, this has been our best night on numbers of fish.  Fort Lauderdale swordfishing is going off and we weren’t the only boat to catch them either.  I heard a few other boats catching them too, so swordfishing is hot right now.  Of the keeper sized swordfish we caught, the smallest was about a 50 pounder and the biggest was a 64″ forklength fish, estimated at 140 pounds.  Awesome night for us guys.  We’re headed out again next Friday so we’ll see you all out there.  Good luck…

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