Drift Fishing in Fort Lauderdale Continues to be Great

By August 1, 2007July 26th, 2018Drift Fishing Reports

Drift fishing this summer continues to get better and better.  The bonitos and kingfish showed up late this year, but it seems that they are staying late to make up for it.  The reef action has been way better than expected this year with great fish counts and larger fish than normal.  Today was a great day drift fishing in Ft. Lauderdale.  On our morning trip we had a large crowd, but everybody got some action.   Lots of kingfish, some of them pretty big, as well as some big bonito and snapper.  The bite has been great and the weather has been beautiful despite the weatherman’s attempt to scare everyone away from the ocean.  As July comes to an end, August looks like its gonna be some awesome fishing and September should be good as well.  I am very optimistic and experience tells me that this should be a great year for fishing.  We’ve got lots of bait in the water, sailfish showing up here and there all year long, big catches of bonitos and kings late in the season, and some exotic and cool fish being caught all the time.  Yes, I think this should be a great year of fishing for us here in Lauderdale.

Folks after their drift fishing charter holding their catch

Nice dolphin caught by these folks on a drift fishing charter

The afternoon trip had some good luck too.  We had a smaller crown on the afternoon trip, with only 9 people.  The rain scared a lot of people away.  It always rains in South Florida in the summer every afternoon, but it only lasts for 35 minutes and then its beautiful skies again for the rest of the day.  Plus, when in rains, we steer clear of the storms to keep everyone in the sun.  This afternoon we caught only a couple kingfish.  The kinn bite was slow so we came in a bit shallower on our next drift and BAMMO!  2 cobias!  Both of them big ones, well over legal size.  They put up a good fish on the boat rods but the anglers did a great job.  Kevin coached them as they fought the fish and we got them both in the boat which MADE THE DAY.  We stuck it out on our last drift in shallow and caught a decent sized mutton and a few yellowtail, plus some throw back snapper and groupers.  all in all a great day with some nice fish.  Nobody went home hungry today, there was plenty for everyone.

Family posing with their catch at the dock in Fort Lauderdale

Nice catch deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale by this family on vacation

This week the fishing has been wonderful so I hope to see you out with us in the next few days.  Don’t be afraid of the weather report, they always report for the worst and they tend to sensationalize the weather.  We’re only fishing a mile from shore and we can steer around most of the rain clouds.  Cya ya’ll tommorrow and I look forward to fishing with ya.  LET’S GO FISHING!

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