Charter Fishing in Ft Lauderdale

By June 5, 2007July 25th, 2018Offshore Reports

Dolphin are still biting like mad dogs out there. Almost every trip this week has yeilded a really nice ddolphin catch. Both the sportfishing and the drift fishing boats have been catching them. One really great half day trip on the Catch My Drift, we caught 56 dolphin. Every one of them was small, most being 3-6 pounds. The biggest one was about 9 pounds. Still, everyone on the boat went home with tons of filets to fill their freezer with. Another trip on the Catch My Drift, we caught 26 dolphin, with 2 of them being about 25 pounders. Another very nice day out there.

The drift boats aren’t the only ones catching dolphin. The Big Game, our sport fishing boat has been bringing in some real large ones. One trip they caught 3 dolphins around 35 pounds each, and a 33 pound blackfin tuna, all from just trolling the reef. Its some good fishing on the Ft. Lauderdale right now. Which reminds me, earlier this week the blackfin tuna were biting better than I’ve ever seen them. We caught some nice ones ourselves, on both the sportfishing and drift fishing boats. Most were about 25-35 pounds, but there were some smaller ones caught as well. It wasn’t just our boats catching them either. A lot of the charter boats were catching tuna this week. I saw quite a few thrown on the dock, and mostly nice ones too.

On our Friday night swordfish this week we didn’t catch any swordfish unfortunately. We had a couple of bites but it was a slow night. The night before though, we were out on a private swordfishing charter and caught 2 for 3 swordfish. The 2 we caught were smaller fish but the one we missed was something huge. It screamed off half the spool in a few seconds. We pulled the hook unfortunately. But we caught 2 fish, released one and kept one.

The night time anchor trip that we run every night has been doing great with lots of yellowtail and some mutton snappers being caught. The mutton spawn is about to happen in the next couple of weeks so be ready. Usually mid June is the best time for them.

The weather has been great this past week. No more crazy wind, and huge waves. The ocean has been flat as a pancake. Anyway, the fishing action is hot right now, so get out on the water and do some fishing. Cya all next week…

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