Another Great Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Warsaw grouper

Nice warsaw grouper caught deep sea fishing in Ft Lauderdale.

Today was another great deep sea fishing day when we caught an over 60 pound warsaw grouper.  What a beast, this fish was a monster.  We thought we had on a huge amberjack or perhaps a shark, this thing was fighting so hard.  When we started to get him near the surface, the fighting started to lessen and the line started planning upwards.  We knew it was a big grouper.  When the fish came up, he was fully bloated with all the gas from rising so quickly.  The same thing would happen to a diver if he rose from such a depth rapidly without giving his body time to expel all that extra volume of gasses.  Groupers seem to be more prone to the “bends” than other fish we catch from that depth.  Amberjacks for instance, can fight the entire way up to the top without getting a buildup of gasses.

Warsaw grouper floating

Warsaw grouper floating after being caught

This is a great season for groupers, and a great year for them as well.  We’re catching good numbers of black, gag, red and warsaw groupers this year.  This week alone, we’ve caught 3 monster warsaw groupers, 2 big blacks, 2 gag groupers and I don’t know how many red groupers (on our daytime drift and night anchor fishing trips).  Our drift fishing trips are also crushing the yellowtail snappers out there lately.  Fort Lauderdale bottom fishing is great with a lot of variety on grouper, snappers, a few cobia and sharks of all species. A lot of good bottom fishing action these days.  Good luck fishing everyone, I’ll sea ya on the water!

Black grouper

Black grouper caught deep sea fishing in Ft Lauderdale

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