Fishing Fort Lauderdale Wrecks and Getting Groupers, Jacks and Cobia

Warsaw grouper

Monster warsaw grouper caught deep dropping in 250ft of water off Ft Lauderdale

Action is heating up on the shipwrecks of Ft Lauderdale.  Lots of big fish including amberjacks, groupers and cobia are showing up for us on the 200-300ft shipwrecks off the coast of Ft Lauderdale.  First off, amberjacks are showing up, which are the most fun fish in the ocean to catch.  They are big fish and they fight like a truck, making them one of Fort Lauderdale’s top gamefish.  Amberjacks are really agressive and they don’t let a bait sit there long.  They are famous for taking the bait the second it hits the bottom.  Almaco jacks, a close cousin to amberjacks, are just as aggressive and inhabit the same areas.


Nice amberjack caught deep dropping on a wreck in Fort Lauderdale

If the jacks don’t attack the bait as soon as it hits the bottom, you have a shot at some of the other wreck dwellers.  Groupers are the next most abundant fish on the wrecks.  Groupers you may find around the wrecks this season are black grouper, gags, red grouper and warsaw groupers.  Beware of groupers, they often take the bait and run into their hole/wrap you up on the rocks.  For this reason, lean toward heavier gear when fishing around the wrecks and plenty of drag on the reel.  You have to get the fish away from the rocks as quickly as you can.  Once he’s away from the rocks, you’re in the clear.

cobia in Ft Lauderdale

Nice cobia caught by these kids on a Ft Lauderdale Sportfishing Charter

Cobia are another fish we’re catching with more frequency this time of year on our sportfishing charters.  Cobia get big, 40-60 pounds, sometimes bigger.  They are a tasty treat to catch fishing off a wreck.  They tend to school up and follow behind stingrays, whales, sea turtles or any wandering sea creature.  They scarf up crabs and other crustaceons the stingrays uncover, which gives their meat such a good flavor.  “Poor man’s lobster” is the other name for cobia.  Expect to see quite a few cobias caught over the next month and a half.  There is some great fishing brewing offshore of Fort Lauderdale and some nice fish hitting the dock.  Let’s go fishing!

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