Vermillion Snapper Fishing Season opens in Fort Lauderdale

Red snapper fishing opened up in Fort Lauderdale today

Red snapper fishing opened up in Fort Lauderdale today

Vermillion snappers fishing season opened up for us today in Fort Lauderdale.  Today was our first chance to catch and keep these snappers for the first time in over 3 months.  We’ve been throwing them back for months now and it hurt.  Well, today since the season opened up, we went out to hit up a couple of our vermillion snappers bottom spots.  They were snappin’.  We caught a ton of them, every angler caught his limit and we threw a bunch others back.  The red snappers that we caught were all big snappers.  They weighed up to 6 pounds.  We also caught some big almaco jacks, amberjacks and 1 big yellow-eye snapper.  It was a nice opening to the red snapper season.  Just a short note to let you know on top of all the great kingfish and mahi-mahi action on the reef, we now get add vermillion snapper to the menu.  I’m going to go cook some up right now.  Sea ya on the water. 

Red snappers biting good in Lauderdale

Red snapper bite hot fishing in Fort Lauderdale

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