Drift Fishing and Sport Fishing is Hot This Summer!

Drift fishing in Ft Lauderdale

 Its a great season for fishing here in Ft Lauderdale.  The action on the reefs is non stop with abundant schools of bonitos and kingfish biting.  The kings and bonitos are biting well on both the trolling boats and on the drift fishing boats.  Summer is always the best season of the year for action on the reefs.  Mixed in with the kingfish and bonitos, is the occassional blackfin tuna.  Blackfins migrate through our waters in the summer months, traveling amongst the schools of the other migrating mackerels.  You won’t know whether you’ve hooked into a bonito or a blackfin tuna until you’ve fought the fish to within gaffing distance.  So make sure to fight every suspected bonito to the boat with the same finesse and patience as you would a giant blackfin tuna. 

Cobia and Blackfin tuna caught drift fishing in Ft Lauderdale

Cobia are beginning to show up on the reefs and wrecks along the south florida coastline.  Cobia are a unique fish in that they tend to follow behind stingrays, eating the crabs and other small crustaceans the ray unburies as it swims.  We’re getting some cobia around some of the local shipwrecks in shallow water.  Cobia are an excellent eating fish and take on the flavor of their main diet, fresh crab.  They can sometimes be found in very large schools of 30 or more fish.  When you catch a cobia, keep a ready eye on all your other baits as you may hook into several other cobia within the same school. 

Deep dropping for grouper and snappers

Deep dropping for groupers is working great out there too.  Our sportfishing boats are spending some of their trips poking around the deep shipwrecks in search of snowy and other deep water groupers.  There are some very large snowy groupers biting along the Florida coast and right now is a great time to fish for them.  Snowys we’re catching now are averaging 20+ pounds.  Excellent fishing this summer and we’re expecting a great couple months.  Sea ya on the water.  

Ft Lauderdale drift fishing trip

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