Sailfish, Kingfish and Tunas Biting off Fort Lauderdale

Nice sportfishing catch

 Sailfish, kingfish and tuna…  Oh My!  The fishing is very good this holiday season here in Fort Lauderdale, with quite a bit of kingfish action showing up on the reef.  The morning and afternoon drift boats are catching kingfish, snappers, some blackfin tuna and the odd-ball grouper or cobia.  The night anchor fishing for snappers is really good this month too.  Yellowtails, mangrove and mutton snappers are snappin’ on the night trips.  A few groupers are being caught at night too, red grouper, blacks and scamps.   

Big kitty mitchell grouper caught off Fort Lauderdale

 The big game sportfishing trips are catching some big ones out there too.  We’re smack dab in the middle of sailfish season here in South Florida and the bite is on.  Winter is always the time to go after sailfish and the conditions lately have been the best; light wind and cool temperatures.  We catch most of our sailfish kite fishing, where we present our baits by suspending them from kites.  It’s a fun way to fish because when the sailfish comes up take the bait, you get to watch all the action right on the top of the water.  It’s pretty awesome watching sailfish chasing a live bait around on the surface.
Sailfish aren’t the only fish out there this season.  The deep shipwrecks are holding big grouper, amberjack and cobia.  Spring is the all around best season for wreck fishing in Fort Lauderdale, but we always like to give wreck fishing a few minutes each trip.  You never know what you might catch dropping baits that deep.   

Big wahoo caught by Adam and John

 We also caught couple of huge wahoo this week on the troll.  Wahoo normally average around 15-20 pounds, but a few of the ones we’ve caught lately peaked the scales at over 50 pounds.  That’s a smoker wahoo.  Winter fishing is going great.  Sea you on the water everyone.

-Capt. Andy

Sailfishing is hot this winter in Fort Lauderdale

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