Swordfishing Trip on Friday Night lands 130 pound Swordfish

Doug fighting a swordfish aboard the Catch My Drift

 The Friday Night Swordfishing trip was successful this past Friday Night, bringing in a 130 pound swordfish.  Doug Eilertson was the lucky angler who hooked into this fish.  He emailed me his fishing report yesterday with some photos of the fish which I will post below.  Thanks for the pictures Doug and great job on catching a big swordfish. 

To Captain Andy and Doug Eilertson’s Friends,

The pictures attached are proof! I finally got a keeper sword after six trips. During those night-trips… On my first run I caught my first swordfish–a throw back that was 1/4 inch undersized,then I got 2 dophin fish, next trip someone else got a keeper sword so we got to taste victory, after that my strong bite turned out to be a 6′ shark and the trip before this, someone had a nice swordfish break-off at the boat.

Swordfish just caught by Doug Eilertson

 Here are the details of my recent successful trip:

I caught the swordfish stand-up with no fighting chair. The fish hit my squid 200ft down Illuminated with a solid green light.)while I was using a Penn Int’l rod with a 50-wide reel–I fished it as a Tip Rod near the stern.

The fish took a long run but I brought it in solo in 25 minutes.

The fight ended on Oct 3 at 2:00am– 20 miles off Sunrise Blvd–Ft Lauderdale in 2000 feet of water. My catch was; 97.5″ overall, Body length 57.5″, Girth 32″.  We thought it was 120-130lbs but we had no scale. It was all the two mates each with a gaff could do to to bring it onboard through the tuna-door. The fish was thrashing with its tail and razor sharp sword going back and forth.

Doug posing with Swordfish on Catch My Drift

It was a perfectly executed effort by all on the boat to clear rods and support my effort. My special thanks to the Captain– He let us stay out a little longer to try to get us a fish. As it turned out, I had the only hooked fish that night although a couple other baits had been slashed by swords.(Swords do that before biting.)By the time we took pictures and cleaned the fish it was 5:00am. Since I had driven down to Florida non-stop to make the fishing boat’s 6pm departure, I was up 48 hours straight before I got to bed!

The next day I enjoyed some fresh swordfish steak and relaxed in the hot tub at the Lighthouse Cove Resort in Pompano Beach!

Keep in touch and let me know what you have been doing!


Doug holding swordfish just caught in Fort Lauderdale

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