Hot 2 day fishing trip in Fort Lauderdale

Nicee bunch of dolphin caught fishing in Fort Lauderdale 

We’ve gone out one some incredible fishing trips this past week.  Mahi-mahi, sailfish, sharks, kingfish, barracuda, you name it and we’ve caught it.  There’s an abundance of big game fish around in South Florida waters this month.  Below is a letter written in by some of our customers last week.  They chartered us for 2 days and they caught all kinds of cool fish on their trip.  I’ll post the letter with some of the photos they sent me.  Sorry I can’t post them all, there’s not enough room.  Thanks for the kind words guys and thanks for all the photos. 

Nice sailfish caught in Ft Lauderdale 

      We just returned home to Toledo Ohio and went through the pictures we got on a recent trip with Captain Adam and Rod. We had a great time on 2 day trips on the private charter. Adam had asked us to send some of the pictures we got for you to post. I have been out with Adam several times now and with Joe and Rod and want to personally thank these guys, we had a great time and these guys made it even better. We caught 12 snapper, a large rainbow runner, an Albaco, a 75 pound Amberjack, 2 sailfish, a 9′ hammer head, 7 dolphin and a bunch of other fish in just 2 days. It couldn’t have been any better. I was down in January and went out with my wife and kids, this being the first trip for my 2 kids. We caught 2 sailfish, a dolphin and a 5 foot amberjack in

5 hours. ( you have several pictures of my son Joey with his amberjack on your site). Anyway here several pictures from this most recent trip with myself and 3 friends that came down there just to fish with your crew. (the group was Tom peternel, Brian Christen, Mike Stevens and Joe Dzierwa). Thanks again and good luck, see you later in the year.


Giant amberjack-a-saurus

Huge Cuda caught in the Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal

Hammerhead shark caught shark fishing in Fort Lauderdale

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