Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing Report

Deep Sea Fishing Charter 

It’s been some good fishing this week on the Fishing Headquarters boats this week.  The sailfish are still biting good out there.  All week, actually all month, the sailfish have been thick out there.  This has been a banner year for sailfish off the coast of South Florida.  All the sailfish we’re catching are big ones, about 7 feet long.  The sailfish are biting the best on our afternoon trips lately.  Morning trips have had their fair share of sailfish, but the best catches lately have been in the PM. 

Snappers and bottom fish caught in South Florida

Sailfish aren’t the only fish biting out there.  Mahi-mahi and wahoo are starting to show up in 300′-400′ of water.  Wahoo are an incredible game fish and are known as the fastest fish in the ocean.  They are known for taking the bait and screaming line off the reel so fast that it makes the reel smoke.  Wahoo are a beautiful fish too.  When they first come out of the water, they have blue, silver and black vertical stripes the length of the body of the fish.  The colors generally fade quickly after you catch them and by the time you reach the dock, they are completely silver with barely noticable stripes.  They are one of the best eating fish out here.  Winter is prime time for big wahoos and you can catch them anytime you’re trolling and/or using live baits. 

Fishing for kids in South Florida

The drift boat fishing has been very good lately too.  Our drift fishing boat, the Catch My Drift has been catching a good deal of kingfish and snappers on their morning and afternoon trips.  With slightly cold weather around, the kingfish should be biting good for us the next month or better until it gets warmer.  Kingfish have been the majority of our catch lately on the party boat trips.  Snappers are biting also, and have been showing up in better and better numbers.  Let’s hope the fishing is good over the Christmas Holiday. 

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