Giant Tiger Shark caught on a Fort Lauderdale Shark fishing trip

 Tiger shark just caught offshore of Fort Lauderdale

The Big Game did it again!  This time, they came in with a giant tiger shark, caught just a couple miles offshore of Fort Lauderdale beach.  The fish was about 8 feet in length and man, what a fighter.  This is the biggest tiger shark I have seen brought to the docks in many many years.  Tiger sharks are caught very seldomly in Fort Lauderdale.  More often they are caught in the Carribean waters of the Bahamas than they are caught off South Florida.  On this trip, Capt. Adam and Joey took out the lucky anglers that caught this big fish. 

Nice Chhompers-  Tiger shark jaws

Normally we release all big game sharks like this.  This one, when it came up to the boat was bleeding profusely out of his gills and didn’t look like he was going to make it.  Being such a rare shark to catch out there, the guys brought him in.  We’ve been catching tons and tons of big game sharks lately this past month or 2.  Hammerhead sharks are biting better than I’ve ever seen and a lot of other species of sharks are biting lately too.  Just a couple days ago, we caught and released a 400 pound bull shark.  Sorry I don’t have any photos of that fish, it was a huge one.  Anyway, enjoy the photos of this huge tiger hark, we don’t get to catch these very often. 

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