Tons and Tons of action fishing on the Fort Lauderdale drift fishing party boats

Private drift fishing charter on the Mary B III 

The Fort Lauderdale drift fishing has been very very good lately.  Lots of action on the 4 hour drift trips, as well as lots and lots of snappers on the night anchor fishing trips.  The mahi mahi have been showing up on the reefs in good numbers abnd have been eating everything we throw out there to them.  Unfortunately they don’t show up for us on every single trip, although when they aren’t biting, the kingfish usually are.

Lots and lots of snappers caught on the Ft Lauderdale drift fishing boat

The night anchor fishing has been particularly good lately.  Captain Billy brought in this huge catch of vermillion snappers on one of our night fishing trips off Fort Lauderdale.  They were out in about 120′ of water and the vermillions bit with ferocity.  They must have been starving because we caught so many fish, it took us till daylight to clean them all. 

A couple huge mutton snappers caught on out night anchor fishing trips

Captain Billy with a giant mutton snapper

The vermillion snappers haven’t been the only fish hitting at night.  Big mutton snappers, and I mean big ones, are being caught on the night anchor fishing trips.  In these photos, Mr. Lee and Oliver, 2 of our regualr fishermen, are holding up a couple of their big mutton snappers caught reef anchor fishing off Fort Lauderdale.  There have been some bigger muttons and even a few groupers showing up on the night trips lately. 

Daytime drift trips are coming in with good catches of yellwotail snappers

The day fishing trips have been exciting lately.  The weather has been beautiful and as usual this time of year, the fish have been biting.  When the kings are biting, we’re on the reefs drifting out dead ballyhoo and sardines.  The action is good.  Sometimes we get jumped by a school of mahi mahi and then we really come in with a good catch.  Lots of action on the morning and the afternoon trips lately. 

Fishign on the Ft Lauderdale reefs

Here we are drifting on the reef offshore of Ft Lauderdale and catching kingfish, snappers and this elusive sponge fish.  The sponge I think, put up the best fight of the trip out there.  This lady fought the sponge like a world class angler, and what a fight it was.  If it was a fish, it would have been an awesome catch.  This is her fighting Sponge Bob as we named him.

 Sponge Bob put up a great fight on this fishing trip

Fighting a fish this time, lets see what she catches now

And lastly, lots of action on the small reef fish like trigger fish and stuff like that.  We released this beautiful queen trigger fish right after catching it.  This was this boy’s first saltwater fish.  A very nice first catch for him, if I do say so myself.  We also caught a big sailfish on the same trip.  This is a photo of the sailfish along side the boat, just prior to release. Nice trip guys. 

This boys first saltwater fish, a Queen trigger fish

Sailfish just prior to release aboard the Catch My Drift, Fort Lauderdale Drift fishing boat

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