Dolphin Madness on the Fort Lauderdale fishing boats

Beautiful photo of Rod pulling a dolphin over the side 

The dates on these pictures are totally wrong.  The guy that took them didn’t set the date when he bought his camera.  I’m sorry that I haven’t written a fishing report in so long, I’ve just been fishing every day and when I get home, I take 2 sips of my rum drink and fall on my pillow.  It’s been exhausting lately with all the college kids in for Fort Lauderdale Spring Break.  We’ve been fishing non-stop, but it looks as if spring break has come to an end, so I’ll try to write up a few of my back fishing reports from the past few weeks, to give credit to some of these great catches. 

 Sweet mahi-mahi day off Fort Lauderdale

On this Fort Lauderdale sportfishing charter, we wailed on the mahi-mahi.  Huge dolphin were all over the reef and we were catching them on everything we threw out there.  A couple of these big bull and cow dolphins were caught kite fishing on live goggle eyes.  Some of them were caught trolling artificial lures and rigged dead baits.  The dolphin were snapping though. 

Mahi mahi thrashing on the deck-  caught off Fort Lauderdale

Just like I predicted, we had a couple awesome days througout the past couple weeks where the dolphin just bit off the chain.  These cutomers were super happy and went home with a ton of dolphin filets.  After this season, a lot of our customers have fully stocked freezers full of mahi-mahi filets.  The Wednesday all day dolphin trip has been doing great as well.  Every week for the past 4 weeks, the all day trip has come in with good catches.

Rod fileting a ton of dolphin filets for the customer

Even now, the dolphin are still biting great.  Today we caught a 41 pound bull dolphin, but I’ll post that fishing report tommorrow, as soon as I get the pics back.  All in all the fishing has been awesome this season and the big game fish are still moving through in good numbers.  You’ll see a lot more big game fish caught in May and June, so be ready.  Well, I’ll definetly be posting a few more fishing reports this week, so stay tuned.  Catcha later…

A very happy angler

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