Awesome Fort Lauderdale Sword Fishing Trip

2 big swordfish caught on the Fort Lauderdale swordfishing trip

Yahooooo!  It was a helluva Friday night swordfishing trip this week.  After the last 3 trips of only getting a few bites and NO boated fish, this weeks trip, we finally got a couple.  The Friday night swordfishing trip on 3/14/08 was when we got these huge ones.  It was a nice night out there, good weather and a full boat.  We got our first bite in the first 20 mins.  It was a huge fish, probably about a 180 pounder.  We got him in the boat and you could hear the cheering for miles.  It was a helluva fish and it took 1/2 the boat to fight him in.  Well, we were aways from where we wanted to be, so we pulled up the lines and made a run to the south to set up again.  With baits set out again for a while,. we hear Kevin yell, “theres’s one on the surface back here!”  Everyone immediately ran to the back of the boat.  Kevin pitched out a live tinker mackeral and the swordfish swimming next to the boat swam  over and grabbed it quickly.  Kevin freespooled to the fish for 20 seconds and locked it up and started winding.  Nothing, and we came back with a bare hook.  Capt. Adam quickly pitched out a dead tinker mackeral that was all rigged up.  Amazingly, the swordfish came right up to the boat again and took the bait.  Adam freespooled to the fish for a bit, locked up and started winding.  Again, nothing and we came back in with a bare hook.  One of the customers that fishes with us every week had a rod ready to go and pitched a bait out as well.  The swordfish, who still had not been hooked, swam up a third time and took the bait.  This time, the customer got him on and hooked him good.  I don’t know if Captain Adam and Kevin were having a bad night or if it was just 3rd try is the charm, but we were laughing about it the whole way home.  The second fish ended up being an 80 pounder, give or take a few pounds.  Both fish were very fat and fought hard.  The second fish we caught took the entire other half of the boat to catch it, so everyone that came got to fight, land and take home some swordfish.  It was a great trip and the swordfish have been biting good out of Fort Lauderdale this week.  There are still some spots left for this week’s Friday night swordfish trip, so lets’s get out there and catch some sword fish! 

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